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Tech Coaching Benefits

Tech Coaching Features

  • 4 Weeks of Focused Tech Coaching, 2 Weeks of Practice
  • Deeper Understanding of Basic Online Technology
  • Support in Creating Your Strategic Tech Plan
  • Implement Your Plan With Clear Project Phase Deadlines
  • Work at Your Own Pace in Your Optimal Learning Environment
  • Use New to You Technology as You Go; Learn by Doing
  • Test, Tweak & Correct Your Course
  • Get Your Digital Driver's License
  • Navigate the Information Super Highway with Competence & Confidence
  • Personal Portfolio of Video & Audio Tutorials
  • Two, Live 1:1 Coaching Recorded Private Coaching Calls; Review as Often as You Like
  • Two Group Coaching Calls: Learn from Others' Questions & Challenges
  • Coaching for Your Specific Technical Concerns
  • Step-by-Step Instruction
  • Review of Your Site, Landing & Sales Pages
  • You Did It! Go Sell Your Stuff SEO Send-Off
  • Ongoing Support Member Option

One goal I had for the year was to create an online presence for my business but the learning curve for all that technology kept me frozen. If any of you are in the same technology quagmire that I am I want to share the "shortcut" I found.

My new friend Anaiis Salles has a 3-part beginners seminar for getting your on-line learners permit followed by a 6 week class with all the hand-holding and encouragement you've been looking for.  She has the most amazing talent for communicating in a linear, step-by-step, logical chance you will get lost in tech talk and lingo.

Thanks Anaiis, for making technology simple and fearless.

Deb P., Oregon

  • q-iconWhat's Your Biggest Tech Challenge?

    Web Site?

    Opt-in Process & Landing Pages?

    Email & Autoresponder System?

    Marketing & Social Media?

    eCommerce: Pricing Your Programs & Getting Paid by Your Clients?

  • q-iconHow Will Next Year Be Different Than This Year?

    • You know the 5 Tech Essentials Necessary to Run a Sustainable Business 
    • You Implement Technology with Confidence, Comfort & Competence Because You Have a Strategic Tech Plan
    • You Navigate the Information Superhighway A Snap
    • Your Clients  Find You Easily Online as an Visionary Change-maker or Social Entrepreneur
    • You Have the Dream Business You Desire & Your Clients Have You to Help Them Realize Their Dreams



That [teleseminar] was awesome, Anaiis. It was pitched just perfect for me. I am giving myself a kick up the derriere! Thank you for the info and the encouragement, your clarity and sharing.

– Shona Cameron; Edinburgh, Scotland

Your help has been heaven sent.  I really appreciate it more than you know.

– Naomi Blank, Florida

YOU and Tech Talk Cafe are an answer to my prayers. I want to support (utilize the products and services) “people who are helping people…help more people” who are committed to transforming our social and environmental economies. 

– Laura K. Greiner, S.C.

Yes!  I'm A Digital Immigrant. Help! I Need A Tech Coach! How Do I Set Up My Web Site? What Tools Do I Need To Make Landing Pages? Sales Pages? How Do I Build A List? How Does This Boot Camp Work? When Can I Start?

Start Now!

7 Weeks Bootcamp Program Covers...

            • Module 1   Your Website
            • Module 2  Your Email & Autoresponder System (CRM)
            • Module 3   Landing Pages
            • Module 4  Content Creation
            • Module 5   on-site, off-site SEO
            • Module 6   eCommerce
            • Module 7   Social Media 

2 Weeks of Full on Focus & Support!

weekly group coaching calls

Test & Tweak Using Free Trials & Practice Accounts

Learn What to Do Yourself and What to Assign to Your Virtual Assistant

Orchestrate Delivery of  Your Program Content

Eliminate Tech Frustration &  Overwhelm!

Why You Can’t Afford to Waste Any More Time Being Confused by Technology

  • Access to Information is Doubling Every 11 Hours! There Will Be a “Time” When You Can’t Catch Up
  • Platforms We All Use in Our Online Business Literally Change from One Day to the Next
  • Text-Only Business Information for Client Outreach Isolates Your Profile & Shrinks Your Business
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    Step-by-step, task by task, all connected to realistic, achievable goals and before you know it, you reach your desired destination with much less wear & tear.

    You’re worth it! You are part of the new paradigm. You have experience and life wisdom to bring to hundreds of people who know there is a better way to live but don’t know how or where to start.

    It starts with you! Life is short! Don’t waste another day. Enroll now and 'get your tech.'


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