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This Premier Coaching Program for Start-Ups in ' go' mode. You are ready to enjoy steady income from your online business.

Time to put your technical pieces in place? No need to re-invent the wheel or figure it out all on your own.

We've been there. We've done that. We're sharing what we know.

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1:1 Private Coaching

Learn By Doing

Brand Your Business

Perfect for Right-Brain Learners


'Forever Yours' Modules Delivered in Real Time

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1st Semester

  • Week 1 Your 5 Tech Essentials Technology Overview

  • Week 2 Domain Name, Hosting, Website Development

  • Week 3 Your CRM; Write Your Emails and Set Up Your Autoresponder

  • Week 4 Content Creation: Blogging, Articles, Video, Podcasting, eBooks

  • Week 5 SEO and Analytics: You and Your #1 Search Page Results

  • Week 6 Social Media Set up Your Accounts & Automate


2nd Semester

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Pinterest

  • Desktop Video, Video Conferencing

  • Podcasting, Audio & Teleseminars

  • WebinarJam & Hangouts


3rd Semester

  • eCommerce

  • Affiliate Programs

  • Joint Ventures

  • Press Releases

  • Advertisting

  • Branding



  • Tech Talk Cooperative Membership 6 months Free

  • Weekly 30 Minute 1:1 Private Coaching Call

  • Done For You Options


Are You Ready for This Much Great Stuff?

No More Missing Pieces!

  • 1:1 Private Coaching Calls
  • Recorded Coaching Sessions: Review to Craft Your Best Specific Tech Plan
  • Your Personal Portfolio of How-to Video & Why-to Audio Tutorials
  • Set Up Domain Names, Hosting, Website; Done For You Option
  • Generate Email, Newsletters, Autoresponders, Landing Pages; Done for You Option
  • Schedule and Generate Key Content; Satellite Effect Equals Greater Impact
  • SEO, Tracking & Analytics: Get it Done & Know Your Numbers
  • Social Media: How Much of It, When to Use It, What's it Really Worth?
  • The Six Week Cycle: 5 In and 1 On -- Structure for Running Your Business
  • Budgeting Tech Expenses: Don't Forget the Last Costs Factor You Must Think About
  • Implement Your Critical Technology Plan With Clear Deadlines
  • Review of Your Site, Landing Pages, Sales Pages, & Content Delivery
  • Celebrate 20 Weeks of Focused Tech Coaching Supporting Your Success
  • The Extras: Affiliate programs, Best Productivity Tools, Networking Success

As a technology coach, I want to help people who help the people they are meant to help by creating digital dazzle and a sustainable online business that shines a light on the world.  Here's what my coaching clients are saying about conquering their digital divide.

Anaiis has been instrumental in assisting me to add video on my website, guiding me through the whole process. She has a wonderful “don’t sweat the small stuff” attitude, filled with patience and creative problem solving.  Thanks for all of your help Anaiis!

Linda Lang

Thank you Anaiis : ).
The webinar was a blast.  I sincerely look forward to staying connected and working together again in the future.
(sprinkling energetic miracle grow on the planted seed)
Ann Kawasaki
CST Practitioner, CMT
Heal From Within CranioSacral Therapy

Thank you so much, Anaiis,

I love that we have crawled our way to this point I feel that you have been a real friend to me. Not just a work friend, and would love to stay in touch and continue to work together helping each of our business’s thrive. When I get super rich, I will send you a ticket to OZ for a holiday.

– Patricia Lucock, Ainslie, Australia, Creator of “ButtOut” quit smoking program

When Can I Start?

Next VIP Tech Coaching Cycle Begins October 1st.

10 Weeks of Full on Tech Focus!


10 Weeks of Project Ready Practice


6 Months of VIP Tech Talk Membership Free ($180 Value)

Why You Can’t Afford to Waste Any More Time Being Confused by Technology

  • Access to Information is Doubling Every 11 Hours!
  • Platforms We All Use in Our Online Business Literally Change from One Day to the Next
  • Paper or Personal Transmission of Information in Business is Now Isolating & Will Shrink Your Business
  • With 7+ Billion People on the Planet, Your Ideal Clients May Not Live in Your Neighborhood
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    If you’re a life-long learner, you love diving into new learning experiences even when they’re a little scary. Acquiring core tech competence is going to help you find the sweet spot between delivering your message 24/7 and creating  fulfilling work- life balance.

    Step-by-step, task by task, all connected to realistic, achievable goals and before you know it, you reach your desired destination with much less wear & tear.

    You’re worth it!

    You are part of the new paradigm. You have experience and life wisdom to bring to hundreds of people who know there is a better way to live but don’t know how or where to start.

    It’s starts with you!

    You are so going to love this program! I'll inspire you to Wow- I did it! moments. Lots of them.  I'm your training wheels, your driving instructor, or your co-pilot, and mentor.

    Anaiis Salles

    Tech Talk Cooperative & Tech Talk Cafe

    Tech Talk Cooperative       261 W. Walnut Lane       Phila, PA 19144